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As we reflect on all God did in and through our church in 2019, we want to say thank you to each and every person who calls Hillsong East Coast home. Thank you for giving of your time, your resources, and your gifts to help build this church and reach our cities. Building this church is the privilege of a lifetime, and we are honored to do it alongside you.

We are grateful to continue to be a part of this historic move of God. In 2019, we saw 28,020 people make decisions to follow Jesus, which is nothing short of miraculous! To make room for growth, our Boston and New Jersey campuses each added a 5pm Sunday evening service. I have been amazed at the stories of lives changed as a result of our ability to add more room for people to find Jesus. Of course, our church continues to grow thanks to the sacrifice of MANY, in particular the 1,497 committed leaders and volunteers giving of their time week in and week out to make WELCOME HOME a reality.

Our prayer is that each and every person finds family when they walk through the doors of our church. In 2019 our Connect Groups grew 24% enabling more people to grow together in community. Our local CityHOPE initiatives continue to reach people outside the doors of our church. In 2019, our church served a total of 21,230 people including the homeless, those who are in prison as well as their families, communities experiencing hunger, and many others.

At the end of 2019, we experienced yet again another miracle as we moved into our new Hillsong East Coast Headquarters at 363 Lafayette Street. This new space, with offices for our pastors and staff, a chapel to host midweek gatherings and events, including Youth & Young Adults, Creative, team meetings and volunteer trainings, and a live streaming studio, is a testament to the faithful generosity and sacrifice of many, especially our Hillsong Partners.

Every moment you invested, every hour you served, every dollar you have given has resulted in lives changed and families transformed. As we continue to OCCUPY ALL STREETS, it is our honor to stand with you and celebrate all God has done. We are BETTER TOGETHER, and the best is still yet to come.
 Sincerely, Hillsong East Coast Team

Every moment you invested, every hour you served, every dollar you have given has resulted in lives changed and families transformed.

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Baptisms in 2019
Total Baptisms since we began in 2010
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Twenty Nineteen was a year of taking ground for Hillsong Boston. We launched a third service and our first evening service at 5pm in September. There is just something special about Sunday night church! As our evening service grew, it made room for even more growth within our teams and Connect Groups, which have expanded into even more cities within the Greater Boston area. We were excited to host our first Marriage Workshop in November to help support marriages and families within our church. Through our CityHOPE initiatives, we were able to partner with several local organizations last year, and host a fun, family-centered Hope Day in September to distribute hundreds of back-to-school packs to kids who needed them. This year we launched two new ministries to serve the business community within Boston – our Afterwork socials and our monthly Women in Business gatherings, aimed to empower and celebrate the professional women of our church. We ended the year with our first Sisterhood Night in Boston, a special night for our women, and a packed one, despite a classic New England snowstorm outside!
Boston Campus Average Attendance
  • Boston
  • Boston
  • Boston
We had an incredible year at Hillsong Connecticut! As we entered our second year, we saw more people make decisions to follow Jesus, join a Connect Group, and get plugged into church community. Our CityHOPE team expanded in 2019! As a church we were able to partner with the Carver Center for our Hope Day neighborhood back to school drive. At this event we were able to feed, give out school clothing, and school supplies to over 800 families with kids. A great story of 2019 happened the night we launched our 5pm service. One of our amazing worship leaders, Liana had been inviting a friend of hers and her kids to church since Hillsong Connecticut opened. Due to her being a working single mom of four kids she had not been able to come and attend a service. When we announced the new 5pm service Liana said that we finally had a service that would fit her schedule. Sure enough her and her 4 kids were at our first 5pm service and she, along with 3 of her kids, raised their hands to follow Jesus during the altar call!
Connecticut Campus Average Attendance
  • Connecticut
  • Connecticut
  • Connecticut
New Jersey
New JerseyNew JerseyNew JerseyNew JerseyNew JerseyNew Jersey
Twenty nineteen was an unforgettable year for Hillsong New Jersey as we were able to take significant steps forward. Our leaders and volunteers grew to a new level of maturity, and our connect groups and teams continued to grow in number and strength. In the fall, we added a 5pm service that allowed an evening opportunity for people to gather with friends and family. Each week we saw this service grow and go from strength to strength. After Colour Conference in the Spring, we launched monthly local Sisterhood gatherings in New Jersey for the first time, and as the year came to a close we had outgrown the venue. The women in New Jersey love the sense of community and value the opportunities to gather together. Many leaders also stepped up to help lead gatherings for our business community that continued to grow. Our CityHOPE team partnered with an organization called For The Greater Hood in Newark and Patterson to be a blessing to families and individuals within those respective communities. In addition to a clothing drive, we also offered a back to school shopping experience for supplies, clothing, and even haircuts! As a church, we found ourselves in a position to build out our very own office and midweek space that we will soon be able to utilize. This was truly a God opportunity we had been believing to step into for quite some time. Throughout the course of the year we continued to see people’s lives transformed by making decisions to follow Jesus and be baptized, and look forward to the many more to come in the years ahead!
New Jersey Campus Average Attendance
New Jersey
New York
New YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew York
In 2019, our New York City campus grew deeper, stronger, and stretched wider. We saw an increase in our Sisterhood outreach, Business Community impact and outdoor fun on some summer Sundays! From launching “For My Friends” Fridays at Youth, and Culture Conversations hosted by our Young Adult’s Community, to Connect Group Socials on Sundays, and hundreds of baptisms throughout the year, this year held incredible growth for our city. Our CityHOPE team mobilized thousands of volunteers to impact every borough of our city. Caring for and feeding the homeless on some of the coldest days, and beautifying the landscape on some of the hottest, our volunteers tangibly shared the love of Jesus with those in need. As a church, we partnered with several local organizations to make sure students in Harlem started their school year off with the supplies they needed to succeed, and a buzz of excitement after our Hope Day fun fair and school renewal project! With fresh coats of paint, and newly cleaned and organized classrooms, many students returned to their school with pride, and a newfound enthusiasm to learn. Through partnerships with twelve local organizations to serve, deliver and provide for our community; our Thanksgiving Drive was the largest we’ve seen!
New York Campus Average Attendance
  • New York
  • New York
  • New York


  • There's Good News For You
  • There's Good News For You
  • There's Good News For You
  • There's Good News For You
  • There's Good News For You
Easter Attendance
across the East Coast
Annual Growth
Decisions for Jesus



I started going to Hillsong Church when I first moved to New York City about 2 years ago. I’d let my relationship with God slip away in college and was desperately trying to re-establish any connection to my faith. I did the only thing I could think of. I Googled “Church New York,” and went to the first church that came up. Every week, I loved our Sunday services more and more, but it wasn’t until I joined a Connect Group that I saw my walk with God really start to change. For years, I prayed God would give me a close Christian friend, and my Connect Group girls proved God truly does immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

I went from a sometimes Sunday Christian, to an active part of our Young Adults community. After 24 years of struggling faith, I made the decision to get baptized. When my family couldn’t make it to the City in time, I was baptized, surrounded by my whole Connect Group cheering me on.

The step to get baptized was a big one for me. I’d been putting off for years till I was “ready” - until I was more perfect, until I stopped forgetting to pray, or was more consistent with reading the Bible. I was waiting for the time in my life when I was done screwing up - until I “deserved” to really represent God. The growth I experienced at Hillsong helped me realize what baptism is truly about. Baptism is the step I needed to take, to more closely follow God, and live out my faith with bold conviction. Instead of it being a “last step” in my faith journey, it was actually the first step in showing myself and those around me that everyone is deserving of God's love.



Connect Groups
Connect Groups are the heartbeat of our church. With the addition of sixty-five new Connect Groups this year, our community grew stronger, creating more opportunities for many to find home. Our Connect Groups meet every week to help people grow in community and deepen their relationship with God. In 2019, we hosted Connect Group Socials to give people the opportunity to meet Connect Group hosts and find community. Making our church feel like home, Connect Groups provide a place for spiritual growth and people to do life with together.
From Business Connect Groups and Youth Crews to Sisterhood Connects, dinner parties, running groups and many more, 2019 proved, no matter who you are or what you do, there is a place for you!
Young Adults Connect Group
Total Number of
Connect Groups
Total Number of
Connect Group Attendees
Total Number of Connect
Group Meetings
Total Connect
Group Leaders
Our heart is for young people to encounter Jesus and find themselves in a growing and thriving church community. Through our Friday night services, youth connect groups known as Crews, annual Summer Camp, and, new in 2019, “For My Friends Friday’s”, our youth community is sharing the gospel and welcoming more and more young people across our cities home.


  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
Number of Youth
Attended Camp
Number of Leaders
Attended Camp
Youth Baptized
at Camp
Young Adults
Young AdultsYoung AdultsYoung AdultsYoung AdultsYoung AdultsYoung Adults
The BLØCK, our young adults ministry, continued to impact college campuses and workplaces alike. Determined to have a voice in the world’s most pressing issues, our Young Adult community launched Culture Conversations, opportunities to dialogue with leaders and peers on timely topics, making room for the gospel to take ground in every area of life.
Culture Convos
Number of Connect
Groups in 2019
Average Culture
Convo Attendance
In 2019, our local Sisterhood continued to equip and empower the women of our church. From a Wellness Webinar on Mental Health to fresh perspective on The Proverbs 31 Woman, our Sisterhood team created pathways for women to grow together and experience the strength found in Sisterhood.
Culture Convos
Attendance at
Sisterhood United
NYC Campus Average
Sisterhood Service
Boston Campus Average
Sisterhood Attendance
New Jersey Campus
Average Sisterhood
Colour Conference
Colour ConferenceColour ConferenceColour ConferenceColour ConferenceColour ConferenceColour Conference
We had the honor to host Colour Conference 2019 in New York City at The Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. Together with thousands of women from our church and those that gathered with us from across the United States and the world, we lifted up the name of Jesus and championed the cause of the hurting and lost.
Total Attendees
at Colour
Total Volunteers
Business Community
Business CommunityBusiness CommunityBusiness CommunityBusiness CommunityBusiness CommunityBusiness Community

Our business community is for professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, and students who feel called to impact their workplaces, schools, and communities to propel the mission of God. Through our monthly gatherings and business Connect Groups we have created a space for our business community to connect with one another, hear the journey of those who are passionate about their careers and callings, and share practical takeaways for career and faith.

In 2019, we were excited to launch Women in Business, Afterwork, and Business Connect Groups in Boston!

Women In Business

Monthly Meeting Themes Include:
Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship,
Mentorship & Sponsorship
Average Monthly Attendance
Women In Business
  • Rise
  • Rise
  • Rise


2019 Rise Guests included Founder and CEO of charity:water Scott Harrison, the youngest Chick-Fil-A franchise owner Jeremiah Cillpam, MSNBC co-anchor Yasmin Vossoughian, and Chief Marketing Officer of State Street Global Advisors Stephen Tisdalle.
Average Monthly Attendance

Our LifeLine teams offer pastoral care to our church family. Our goal is to come alongside people through life’s journey to celebrate the wins and provide support during times of crisis. In 2019 we focused on better equipping our pastors and volunteers through practical care training. Our trained team of staff and volunteers across all our campuses helped provide practical solutions and resources, including mental health resources, grocery support, substance recovery programming, and connection to safe housing options. From baby dedications to wedding celebrations, we stood by families as they stepped into all the joy and goodness God has in store!

  • Lifeline
  • Lifeline
  • Lifeline
  • Lifeline
  • Lifeline
Couples Completed
Pre-Marriage Course
Individuals who Attended
our Marriage Workshop
Weddings Celebrated
and Officiated
Babies Dedicated in
our Sunday Services
Prayer Cards Received
Praise Cards Received
Individual Mental Health
Referrals and Resources Provided
Staff and Key Team Trained
in Mental Health First Aid
Volunteers Received Key Care
Training Across the East Coast
Leaders Retreat
Leaders RetreatLeaders RetreatLeaders RetreatLeaders RetreatLeaders RetreatLeaders Retreat
Volunteer leaders from across the East Coast gathered in upstate New York to rest, connect, and grow in their relationship with Jesus. With incredible teaching from our Hillsong South Africa Lead Pastor Phil Dooley and our team, we grew together and experienced a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We returned refreshed and stirred to see God do more in and through us.
  • Rise
  • Rise
  • Rise
2019 Leaders
Retreat Attendees
2018 Leaders
Retreat Attendees



I was a 35-year-old single mom of a beautiful three-and-a-half-year-old boy, diagnosed with five developmental delays. We joined the Hillsong NJ family in August 2018, but Carter would not join the kids’ program. I was hesitant to push him, as his language delays meant he could not speak. Because Carter struggled to communicate, he developed behavioral issues, making any outing difficult for us. Most weeks, we came to church, I would hold him through worship before needing to leave.

One Sunday in May I walked into church and met Joanna and Beth, who were serving at the registration desk. In tears, I explained Carter’s challenges. They came out from behind the desk and hugged me. They introduced me to Courtney and Tyler, the amazing couple serving with the 3-5-year old’s, who happened to be teachers with special education experience.

I was able to walk into church with peace in my heart and experience a full service. Carter gained SO MUCH that day. He gained a community of little people learning about God to grow alongside. He gained leaders who consistently, week after week, show him the love of Jesus. He gained a full HSK team to pray for him. A team who stands with us, believing for full recovery in the delays he faces.

We have seen miracle after miracle in this last year. Carter is now speaking in sentences! With skills Courtney and Tyler taught him, which I had his school carry over, his peer interactions are exponentially improved! We are forever grateful for our HSK team, the impact they have had on Carter’s development, and the prayers they continue to pray. We are truly better together.



City Hope
As a church we have the opportunity to love our communities through our CityHOPE initiatives. Through our local non-profit partners, incredible volunteers, Hope Days and Annual Drives we are making a tangible difference in the lives of others.
Total 2019
CityHOPE Volunteers
People Served across
the East Coast
Total Hours Served
across the East Coast


  • Lifeline
  • Lifeline
  • Lifeline


In 2019 we had 5 HOPE Days, including City Beautification, Back to School, Thanksgiving: Give, Gather, Go, and Christmas HOPE Day.
  • New York
  • New York
Volunteers served 6,193
hours at our 2019 HOPE Days
Economic Impact of
our 2019 HOPE Days
Back to School
Items Donated
Christmas Toys Donated
Thanksgiving Meals Donated
Financial Support Donated
across 2019 HOPE Days


Back to School Hope Day
We partnered with For The Greater Hood to create a luxury school shopping experience and back to school festival for 2,500 children in need. At our Back-to-School HOPE Days across the East Coast families shopped for a new bookbag, supplies, toiletries and apparel. Many also received fresh haircuts and manicures. 465 volunteers helped curate a personal experience for each child in the pop-up shop. Our team also facilitated games, giveaways, and activities for each child. We are so grateful to all our volunteers and our incredible partner For the Greater Hood who helped these children start the school year with dignity.


This year, we built strategic partnerships with local organizations who are experts in the impact areas where we have decided to fight for change in order to make an even greater impact and serve the most vulnerable in our cities.


Father’s Heart,
Covenant House,
Prison Fellowship,
Relief NYC, Abbot
House, Restore,
Sisters of life


Relief NYC,
Covenant House
(Nancy’s Place),
Salvation Army


Spectrum Health,
Boston Health
Commission, Home for
Little Wanderers


Bridgeport Rescue



Homeless Outreach Program
Hillsong New York City

“Our volunteers were stationed on 125 St and Park Ave in East Harlem, serving hundreds of local people who are currently without homes. With our partner NYC Relief, we prayed with many of the displaced individuals who gathered. We were able to encourage over 130 people with the hope of the gospel and the power of prayer. We not only met some of their physical needs, as we served food, shared winter clothing, and gave blankets, but our team was also able to build relationships with people who so often feel overlooked and ignored. The individuals who showed up felt so comfortable, and really enjoyed spending time with our volunteers. In a community often hesitant to receive additional help, more than 10 people trusted us enough to have a follow up life care visit. We were able to refer people in need to more resources and support for their future.”


Prison Fellowship
Hillsong New York City

“One Tuesday night, our incredible volunteer team visited Rosie's, a women's prison at Rikers Island. Our team had been serving for over 3 months, teaching life-skills courses to some of the women incarcerated there. It was the night of our students’ graduation from the program. One of the women graduating expressed just how thankful she was for our Hillsong volunteers and their commitment to come and teach class every single week. She told us that not only had the program, but also the community and joy our volunteers provided, changed her life. Thanks to our partnership with Prison Fellowship and our church's annual toy drive, we were able to give her Christmas presents to share with her son. She was released the following week and was able to not only share the gifts with her son, but spend Christmas with him together as a family.”


Home for homeless and recovering youth
Hillsong Connecticut

“This past Christmas, a sweet single mom came to get gifts for her three children and new grandchild. Formerly homeless, she was struggling to buy gifts to share with her family at the holidays. Her 14-year-old daughter had recently given birth and she was working with an extremely tight budget. She broke down into tears when she realized that, in addition to the gift stations, she also had access to a food pantry where she could take home groceries for her family. Many people don’t realize how difficult school breaks can be for parents who rely on schools to provide hot breakfasts and lunches to feed their children. In a room full of presents, this woman was most grateful for boxes of mac n’ cheese and cans of green beans. Our wonderful volunteers lived out the spirit of generosity, helping her load as we packed extra bags of groceries and gifts to take back to her family.”


Addiction Recovery Center
Hillsong Boston

“Spectrum Health is an addiction recovery center, with over 50 years of experience supporting those struggling to overcome addiction. People join Spectrum feeling broken, discouraged, and sometimes helpless. Our team of volunteers met with people in the program to ensure they were encouraged and reminded of the hope we each have access to. So many residents were willing to let us pray over them. We got to hold hands with people from different walks of life, empowered by the promise that prayer holds the power to move mountains in any situation. We gave away Bibles and reminded every person we met that they are seen by God and worthy of love and care. These small but mighty seeds of love were planted and caused so many people to begin to ask more about who God is and the grace he offers. One particular man asked our volunteer team why we would give up our Christmas day to serve? We shared our own personal stories of overcoming and breakthrough and God’s never-ending, never-quitting, always-for-us LOVE. Several men listening softened at this response, and joined hands as one of our volunteers prayed over each of them by name. We have learned, even in the darkest of spaces, God’s love holds power to bring breakthrough.”


Home for homeless and recovering youth
Hillsong New Jersey

“When we first visited Nancy’s Place, the teens were hesitant to connect. Over time, our volunteers created relationships with the teens living there, and started bringing homemade dinner over on our game nights together. Our volunteer team talked about pop culture, movies, video games - any and everything the kids were interested in! The oversight staff member of Nancy’s Place said he hadn’t heard the house that lively in such a long time! Our team had a chance to add such light and joy into a really hard space for many teens. The most memorable moment was when we got to give each resident a gift card. The joy and sincere shock on their faces brought our volunteers to tears. In that small but incredible moment, we saw the power of generosity break down walls and spark new excitement for life to come.”


Coleman Family

After living in Boston for 10 years, our family made what we thought would be a permanent move to Dallas, TX. At the end of our 2nd year there, God made it clear we were to move back to Boston. Our last Sunday in Dallas, our Pastor prayed and spoke over us that God was calling us back to Boston because God wanted to do something new, in and through us.

When we returned, our family found Hillsong Boston. It is hard to put into words all God has shown us and done in our lives since we moved back in 2018. He is gathering the things He has placed on our hearts, and one by one is putting them into place as we come alongside His vision and purpose here. God took a city we already loved and gave us a new home through this family and community.

We’ve watched this past year as our teens have found community, relationship and discipleship through Youth and Summer Camp. It has been such a gift to watch them serve with us and without us, as Hillsong has become their home. This year our 9-year-old son, Gideon, chose to be baptized - so amazing! God is indeed doing new things, and He is so gracious to include Hillsong Boston as a part of His plan for our next season of life.



Hillsong Partners is a group of people who feel called to further the vision of Hillsong East Coast through their generosity. These funds, given over and above their tithes and offerings, allow us to resource our vision as a church to reach more people across our campuses, and further our impact through local and global initiatives.

This year, our generous Partners, together with our church-wide Heart for the House offering, gave $1,292,258.19 to help our church take more ground at home, in our neighborhoods, and around the world.

Total Giving in 2019
Heart for the House Offering
Partners Giving
  • 363 Lafayette St.
  • New Jersey Buildout
  • CityHOPE
  • Global Outreach Initiatives
  • Operational Investments**

*Total invested in 2019 includes funds recieved from Partners & Heart for the House in 2019, previously invested and saved Partners funds from prior years, and $26,450.59 from the 2019 operating budget.

**Administrative expenses and Staffing includes Partners events and operations, Heart for the House campaign expenses, and staffing for community outreach and business development initiatives

Our Home
Our HomeOur HomeOur HomeOur HomeOur HomeOur Home
Investing in Our Home is all about building strength for the future generations
363 Lafayette Street: New Hillsong
East Coast Headquarters

In December 2019, we moved into our new Hillsong East Coast Headquarters in the heart of NoHo. Through the sacrificial giving of Hillsong Partners and our Heart for the House offering, our church now owns real estate in the heart of Manhattan! Investing in this space allows us to better steward our resources, in both the near- and short-term, to build wealth for the future generations, and to be more strategic in serving our communities.

In 2017 we made a one million dollar strategic investment into the overall development of 363 Lafayette Street; Hillsong is a partner in the building and has 16.6% ownership. As the building stabilizes and increases in value, this investment will provide tax-free revenue and operating income to our church. As part of the community facility provision in the 363 Lafayette Street Building, Hillsong is able to rent three floors (over 9,090 square feet) of space in the heart of NOHO at 50% discount.

363 Lafayette Street serves as our Hillsong East Coast headquarters, complete with a chapel for mid-week gatherings and events, a film studio, staff offices, private counseling rooms to provide more pastoral care to our church, and meeting rooms that allow our staff and volunteers to work together to build our church. We invested a total of $2.75M in the build out of the space, increasing the value of the building both in the near- and long-term. The buildout is intended to serve our church for the next 30 years. While two floors are currently complete, we will also buildout a third floor in the near future for additional office and meeting space to continue to support our growing church.

  • Our Home - 363 Lafayette Street opening
  • Our Home
  • Our Home
New Jersey Office Buildout

We finalized plans and began construction in 2019 on a 7,000-square foot leased space in the center of Montclair, New Jersey which will house our Kids programs, offices, and a 200-seat auditorium to host mid-week events including Sisterhood, TMNGHT, volunteer meetings, and Partners events. This space will enable us to better care for people in our church and in our community.

The NJ buildout is scheduled to be completed in 2020, and we are excited to have a space that creates more room for growth.


We partnered and purchased a property in Stamford, Connecticut with Hillsong Global that will be our first ever, fully functioning church building on the East Coast. This location will house everything including Sunday Services, Youth and Young Adults, community outreach through CityHOPE, Kids, Creative, mid-week gatherings, and more.

In 2019, we began to work with architects on developing floor plans to design the building based on our vision and needs for the space.

Our Neighbors
Our NeighborsOur NeighborsOur NeighborsOur NeighborsOur NeighborsOur Neighbors
  • Our Neighbors
  • Our Neighbors
  • Our Neighbors

Hillsong Partners helps resource CityHOPE to serve our communities beyond the doors of our church. Through its growing programs and initiatives, CityHOPE helped serve 21,230 people in 2019 across the East Coast.

Invested into City HOPE
Our World
Our WorldOur WorldOur WorldOur WorldOur WorldOur World

Through the generosity of our Partners, we are not only able to serve our local communities, but also our global community as well. Through our global partners, Vision Rescue, A21, Hillsong South Africa Foundation and Preemptive Love, we are able to fund strategic programs and initiatives that have significant, long-term impact in the lives of many.

Invested into Global Initiatives

2019 Financial

Total 2019 Revenue
  • 89%
    Tithes & Offerings
  • 10%
    Hillsong Partners &
    Heart for the House
  • 1%
*Includes Resources, internship programs, ticket sponsorships, Colour offerings, other donations, and interest income.
2019 Operating Expenses
  • 39%
    Campus Operating Costs
    Operating expenses for Sunday Services across the East Coast including venue rentals & venue staffing and production costs
  • 30.5%
    Staff salaries, benefits & expenses, payroll taxes, and compensation for independent contractors
  • 4.3%
    Creative & Communications
    Production costs for all church events including Sunday services, creative presentations and campaigns including signage & printed materials, equipment rentals, team operations, and transportation
  • 2%
    Kids, Youth, & Young Adults
    Operating expenses for Hillsong Kids and YxYA including venue costs, food & supplies, printed materials and transportation
  • 0.4%
    Lifeline operations and pastoral care for our church family, including marriage & marriage prep courses, grocery assistance, and benevolence support.
  • 4.4%
    Annual Contribution to Hillsong Global
    Support for Hillsong Church's global ministries and campuses based on 5% of our total annual tithes & offerings.
  • 0.6%
    CityHOPE program expenses and support for local nonprofit partners
  • 1%
    Global Outreach Initiatives
    Support for global nonprofit partners, Vision Rescue, A21, Hillsong South Africa Foundation and Preemptive Love
  • 1%
    Professional Fees
    Legal, accounting, and payroll service fees
  • 12.8%
    General Administration
    Church office expenses, including rent and utilities, key team operations and depreciation
  • 4%
    Midweek & Other Programs
    Operating expenses for midweek services and events, such as Sisterhood, Heart & Soul nights, baptisms and staff retreat; includes venue costs, food & supplies, printed materials and transportation.
Change in Net Assets: $43,635.49
Better Together

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